a great advantage

You've had your sight test and now it's time to choose your frames. What makes prescription designer glasses stand out from regular frames? It's all in the name. Prescription designer glasses are those made by names you can trust. This way you enjoy peace of mind that you are purchasing specs that are made to last, they are a fashion statement and enhance the latest trends and styles. You can expect to see names such as Calvin Klein, Dior, Gucci, Oakley and so much more when you choose a branded pair of specs for your next glasses option. Before you start shopping around, it's important to set yourself a budget. As you know, anything that is branded increases in price. You can expect to pay more for a pair of Gucci spectacles than the average cheaper options you can find without branding, even though they may be very similar in design and colour. This is where you have to be careful and taking the two pairs and placing them next to each other, you will notice the Gucci glasses will be stronger, more durable and will use high quality parts to make up a pair of frames you can rely on. Be selective when choosing your designer prescription glasses. Pay close attention to the frame. You will find you have a number of different materials to choose from including plastic and metal, there are also frameless designs available. Try them on and see which ones you feel most comfortable with, all have their own advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration. Plastic frames are lightweight and often you will forget you are even wearing them, a great advantage, but when they do go out of shape, it's difficult to get them back into shape. Metal frames, on the other hand, are slightly heavier, but when they do go out of shape, you can easily bend them back to ensure they sit straight on your face. You will also find that designer prescription glasses come in a choice of shapes and colours. Be careful when making your selection. Know your facial shape, your colouring and ensure your choice reflects this and enhances your face. Once you have an idea on which designer prescription glasses you want, you have to choose your lenses. Lenses are available in plastic and glass. If you can go with plastic, while you may think they are cheaper, they are lighter in weight and less likely to break if you accidentally drop your specs on a harder surface. Choose what you feel works for you. No one can tell you what shape and colour designer prescription glasses you must have. The only way to really tell is to try on as many frames as possible. Even if you have your heart set on Oakleys, consider trying some of the other brands to see how they sit on your face. In some cases you may find a brand, shape and colour you would never have thought of are the best match for your facial and skin tone.